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Give a head start to your marketing and reach more potential guests, increase occupancy and multiply your revenue. Get the boost that you need to stay profitable in this competitive online market.


Take a step ahead for your hotel business

We are a team of young enthusiasts with a cutting-edge reputation for growing and uniquely branding hospitality businesses.

Our multi-channel approach has helped hundreds of such businesses to grow their revenue to an amazing extent through our carefully crafted strategies. Our industry experts have years of experience and they have sorted out what is going to work for your business. Fielmente can be the only partner you need in achieving your goals. We offer:

Improvised brand awareness
Increase in direct bookings
Reduced OTAs Commissions
Integrated online campaigns

When growth is on your mind, fielmente is the way to go.

Your business has immense potential, and we’re the key to unlocking it.


From hotel suites to guided backpacks, our service will help you plan your own small or grand adventure at a fraction of the price offered by big companies. If you’re looking for something truly unique and memorable, let us make sure you have what it takes for a successful backpacking experience.


We offer creative menu design with eye-catching graphics, vibrant colours, and attention-getting visuals using our total portfolio of menu designing services like corporate identity, menu print out or digital signage. Our team has reliable staff who have experience in creating menus for multiple types of cuisines.


This is crucial because only when people are able to get in touch with you can they begin the purchasing process and that’s where the money is made. Besides, it also expands your customer base should they decide to purchase once they’re already inside your hotel


We help hotels improve their online growth by removing negative reviews, controlling false claims, responding to guests on social media more quickly, etc. It increases customer satisfaction and reassures travellers about staying at certain hotels.


The excellent services are what drives the business

Know how we have helped our clients to expand their business in a short span of time.
asset management

We enable businesses to gain more customers and create a stronger brand.

Market your customers with our customised data-driven approach and watch your business grow at a faster pace.

Here at Fielmente, we firmly believe in the power of marketing. That’s why we offer an extensive range of hotel marketing services that can help you get the best possible prices on your rooms.

The key is to set realistic customer expectations and then not to just meet them but to exceed them — preferably in unexpected and helpful ways.
Sachin KapoorFielmente CEO

Fielmente is a hotel marketing agency that increases your sales plus builds your brand. Let us market your hotel and notice a visible growth in your business. Our motto is to be a leading player in the hospitality industry providing exemplary service and strategy to grow the business of our hotels. Our services are all that a hotel needs to be independent and grow business from all the channels. We believe in customer satisfaction with a devoted team of motivated professionals that believe in creating various methods to plan, execute, and deliver beyond established standards to address the concerns of hotels and move your business ahead.

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Hotel Branding and Marketing Solutions

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We don’t force our methods, we take time to understand the business goals of our clients and create personalised and effective strategies to reach there.