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Fielmente provides auditing services to hotels and restaurants according to requirements of international standards. Create a notable brand name in the market with us!


Why do you need Hotel Auditing?

All hotel companies need a vital audit function to check compliance with company standards, evaluate any risks to the business, and provide a check against fraud and malpractice. Outsourcing your interior hotel auditing requirements to an agency like us provides access to your company, no matter how large or small, to have very experienced industry professionals at a cost to suit your budget.

We are sure that our in-depth hotel business experience and proactive advice will help increase operational efficiency and maintain consistent, profitable growth.

Help establish an accurate accounting procedure.
Advance arrangement to evaluate assets and expenses for up-to-date tax planning.
Set an internal control policy to overcome leakage.
Hotel Audit

How can our services enhance your revenue?

Improve the guest experience and brand reputation with Hotel Audit services from Fielmente – a comprehensive solution for the hospitality industry.

01Guest Experience Audit

A Guest Experience Audit is a comprehensive assessment of your target customers’ interactions with – and perceptions of – your brand.

02Health and Safety Audit

A health and safety audit expert assesses a restaurant’s health and safety policies, systems, and procedures.

03Room Division Quality

Room division management is a critical process of the entire working of a hotel. It works as the first point of contact between the hotel guests and the staff members and contributes significantly to its profit and overall revenue.

04F & B Service Audit

Our reports provide you with recommendations on how to improve your service levels, improve your top-line revenue streams, improve your team’s performance levels, and capitalize on your core strengths.

05Quality Management of Facilities and Hotels

Quality in the hospitality industry involves consistent delivery of products and guest services according to expected standards to achieve business excellence.

06SOP Development

A Hotel standard operating procedure (SOP) protects your staff, guests, and business by structuring your operations for efficiency, accuracy, safety, and consistency.


You're Now Ready To Turn Your Eatery Into A Bustling Restaurant.

Adding value to your restaurant goes beyond just providing food and drinks; it should be a destination and an experience. To reach as many people as possible with positive messages, we examine all the marketing opportunities.

Fielmente Assures You Will Return To Us Again And Again.

Boost your hotel’s sales and increase its return on investment with our hotel marketing agency.
All of our clients receive exemplary service from us. We take care of your hotel needs from start to finish. We are committed to building custom strategies for every client, executing them, and delivering beyond industry standards to help your company stand out.

β€œIn order to exceed customer expectations, you need to set realistic expectations and exceed them in unexpected and helpful ways.”
Sachin KapoorFielmente CEO
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