Asset Management

We devise operational plans to decrease costs and boost profitability via growth strategies, increasing staff productivity, digital transformation strategy, and enhancing retention.


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We are a team of young enthusiasts with a cutting-edge reputation for growing and uniquely branding hospitality businesses.

Our Hotel Asset Management Service caters to defining the owner’s interest while maximizing asset remuneration and profits. We intend to align the interests and boost profitability for both groups, our asset management services contain both pre-opening and post-opening steps. We offer:

Implementation of plans developed from the strategic asset review
Revenue Allocation
Optimize Market Segmentation for the Asset
Optimize Departmental Expenses
Manage Sales and Marketing Shiftings
Optimize Human Resource Distribution
Improvisation and Evaluation of Internal Processes

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Everything we do for maximizing the Total Revenue of Hotels – Meeting and Events Yield, Rooms Revenue Management, Sales and Marketing plans for Hotels, Food & Beverage, and Restaurants.


The emphasis is on efficiency via Benchmarking performance, examining every cost line in the account, handling payroll closely, and comprehending when to push revenue.


Leading the hotel maintenance function, capital planning, preventative maintenance, and project support.


Prioritizing what must be done, setting expectations, coordinating activity, driving performance, managing change, and getting results.


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asset management

Maximize the potential, minimize the expenses and push the bottom line.

As a hospitality consulting company, we strive to uncover the latent possibility of the existing hotel business module by enhancing the current structures.

The underlying concept of Hotel Asset Management or Service can be comprehended by a triangle where the Hotel Asset Manager functions as a bridge among the three stakeholders involved, they are – Hotel Owner, Hotel Asset, and Hotel Operator. In Asset Management, yielding revenue is as vital as the supervision and upkeep of the hospitality or hotel asset.

The key is to set realistic customer expectations and not just meet them but to exceed them — preferably in unexpected and helpful ways.
Sachin KapoorFielmente CEO

Fielmente is a hotel marketing agency that increases your sales plus builds your brand. Let us market your hotel and notice a visible growth in your business. Our motto is to be a leading player in the hospitality industry, providing exemplary service and strategy to grow the company of our hotels. Our services are all a hotel needs to be independent and grow business from all the channels.  We believe in customer satisfaction with a devoted team of motivated professionals that believe in creating various methods to plan, execute, and deliver beyond established standards to address the concerns of hotels and move your business ahead.

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